SJP Network Solutions


We sat down with Joe Weaver at Wave Cutter Charters. They are located at 14 Shell Avenue SE in Fort Walton Beach. You can check out their website at and follow them on Facebook @sjpnetwork. Here’s our interview with them:

Tell us a about yourself andWave Cutter Charters.

Brittany: Spencer is the owner. He is from Austin Texas and moved here in 2011. He has been working in this industry since he was in high school or maybe even earlier. I also moved here from Austin. We’ve been friends for a while and I’ve known him since he moved here when the business was smaller. It’s growing bigger and bigger every day. I’ve always been interested in computers, but never believed I would branch out into this career path. When I was younger I would take computers apart, but I didn’t think about it much. I love seeing the progression in where we are headed and it gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

What services doesWave Cutter Charters Offer and where?

Brittany: We manage IT services such as monitoring computers, hosted emails, back-up and disaster recovery. Most of what we do now is business-to-business. We normally work with smaller, local businesses monitoring their audio equipment, wireless access points, Wi-Fi, and video surveillance. We aim to be the one-stop business for everything IT and technology for your business. In the past we did residential work, but right now we are focusing on local businesses. The other side of the business is called Blu Broadband and we are also offering fiber to several businesses on 98 and other parts of town. We are currently able to service anyone in 32548 zip code, but depending on where, we are able to offer some services outside of that area.

How did you get into the industry?  What do you want people to know about it?

Spencer: I worked for several companies back in Texas doing the same thing and, honestly, it’s just groomed into me. The big benefit of using a company like ours is we eliminate the need for five different companies and wrap it all into one. In the past, a restaurant would have a phone company, internet company, Point of Sale Company, possibly a digital sign company, and a tv company. We come in and we are the liaison for everything. We have companies add us as an authorized user on their accounts and that way we can take care of them anytime they have a problem. We are the total package, fixing everything related to your technology. We know the best things that work for our clients with our knowledge in testing everything possible in the field. Using SJP Solutions is important because with all the threats out there, you can be hit at any moment with rising IT expenses. We make budgeting easy because we have a set price you pay us monthly. If incidences come up there might be a bit more of a cost, but we are reasonable. We monitor your network at all times and have things in place to fix a problem normally before you even know they have them. Something as simple as a company’s internet going down, we can see the issues and fix it. We are able to make this possible with shared resources. And the great part about that is that the more clients we have, the more our prices can go down for each client.

Brittany: We give high quality service. If someone has a problem they can count on us. They will talk directly to us to receive the help they need. We are monitoring their systems at all times and can help them with almost anything day or night.