Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide

Situated amongst Pensacola and Panama City along North Florida’s sparkling Gulf Coast, Fort Walton Beach offers guests its fine white shorelines, emerald waters, agreeable fairways, and significantly more. The residential area environment incorporates eleven conventional neighborhoods, seven of which are situated along the shoreline, and each with their own particular unmistakable identity and appeal. Fortification Walton Beach flaunts all the enjoyment of the real excursion spots, short the whine. Home to family-accommodating resorts and attractions, for example, parks, historical centers and aquariums, it’s not simply the quiet, green waters and cool, white sand that make this northwest Florida goal a family top choice. Visit the territory shorelines in Fort Walton Beach and along the Emerald Coast. Read through our Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide so you can begin arranging your outing today!


Through the span of a year, the temperature normally changes from 42°F to 89°F and is once in a while beneath 28°F or over 93°F. The warm season keeps going from May 22 to September 29 with a normal every day high temperature over 83°F. The most sizzling day of the year is July 19, with a normal high of 89°F and low of 75°F. The chilly season keeps going from December 3 to March 1 with a normal every day high temperature underneath 66°F. The coldest day of the year is January 18, with a normal low of 42°F and high of 60°F.

Airplane terminals

There are three airplane terminals near Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Obviously Northwest Florida Regional Airport will be the nearest, being just 15 miles away. Pensacola International Airport is around 52 miles away. At long last, you can fly into Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport which is 55 miles from Fort Walton Beach. To make a reasonable watch, go to AirFareWatchDog which will caution you when the flights are going down in cost. Likewise check my airfare tips on the most proficient method to ensure you are getting the least admission. For finding the least admission, go to CheapFlights. I observe them to be the best for flight correlation, and getting the best arrangement in the event that you are prepared to buy. When you have your airfare, ensure you hold your airplane terminal stopping early. You can Save On Airport Parking and not have the very late issue (been there) of endeavoring to get stopping held.

Destin Fort Walton Beach Airport

Pensacola International Airport

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

Auto Rental

On your next stay in the Sunshine State, book an auto rental in Fort Walton Beach. A lovely shoreline network with access to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Walton Beach is the best place to take your movements.

When you save rental autos in Fort Walton Beach, FL you’ll have the capacity to take in the majority of the zone’s attractions. Get your auto and drive to the Air Force Armament Museum for an investigate the historical backdrop of flying. Thereafter, go to James Lee Park to appreciate the shoreline or stretch out on the grass and appreciate an excursion. On the off chance that you happen to be around the local area in June, don’t pass up the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival; the festival incorporates a privateer march and in addition incredible firecrackers.

Before you begin envisioning about covered fortune, lease an auto in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Look over a monstrous choice of vehicles and reserve your spot utilizing modest arrangements and rebates ideal on

Bars and Nightlife

Tapworks, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesTapworks

TapWorks works in create lager, make spirits, and rich wine. They have 60 lagers on tap and in addition around 25 bottles. They additionally have a broad alcohol line up that incorporates the “standard” in addition to more than 30 little cluster create spirits. Their forte art drink menu uses a portion of these exceptional spirits. Their wine list incorporates more than 15 wines that were handpicked by their staff. For more data call 850-244-1087 or visit them on Facebook.

Props Brewery and Grill, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesProps Brewery and Grill

Props Brewery is where extraordinary individuals come to meet, eat, and drink their astounding hand created lager. Take the whole family or simply run and hang out with companions to watch their distillery in real life or catch the amusement. They are the focal point of everything games and specialty lager in Fort Walton Beach. In this way, go out to look as they create these astonishing brews and in particular unwind, kick back, and appreciate a specialty lager in their bar or outside in their brew plant. For more data call 850-586-7117 or visit Props Brewery and Grill.

Salty Duck, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesSalty Duck

They bring Fort Walton Beach numerous tastes from nearby distilleries and from the nation over. They are the first American specialty lager bar in Fort Walton Beach and highly esteem conveying new and diverse mixes to the nearby groups and to you, at a value that is way moderate contrasted with those different folks. So in case you’re searching for uncommon and restrictive American specialty brews accessible in the neighborhood, are the folks that have them and in case you’re searching for enormous name, broadly and universally advertised business lagers, they have a couple. For more data call 850-226-8336 or visit the Salty Duck.

The Boardroom Pub and Grub, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesThe Boardroom Pub and Grub

The Boardroom Pub and Grub spends significant time in make brew, decision wines, and nourishment nobody would hope to leave their wardrobe of a kitchen. Attempt the Massive Pork Nachos. They offer 80+ lagers, a head wine determination, and sound nourishment alternatives throughout the day and night. For more data call 850-200-4741 or visit them on Facebook.

Rick’s Crab Trap, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesRick’s Crab Trap

They offer new fish straight from the Gulf, and in addition different top picks, delivered to us new. Include delicious hors d’oeuvres, crisp servings of mixed greens, extraordinary sandwiches and wraps, in addition to bunches of steamed, seared, and cooked dishes. They have something for each taste. Notwithstanding being a family eatery, and a full administration bar, they likewise LOVE sports. Consistently you will locate the diversion on one of our at least dozen TV’s From NFL, NCAA, MLB , NHL and NBA, to soccer from the world stage, they have the games you are searching for. For more data call 850-664-0110 or visit Rick’s Crab Trap.


$-Inexpensive $$-Moderate $$$-Pricey $$$$-Ultra High End

$$ Soi Bistro

The sound option, Soi Bistro includes a creative and conventional blend of sushi matched with the biggest choice of purpose. Arranged with the freshest fixings, they offer an eating background loaded with innovative flavors, joined with an easygoing loosened up air. Enjoy their mark rolls or Asian roused dishes. For more data call 850-586-7645 or visit Soi Bistro.

$ Stewby’s Seafood Restaurant

STEWBY’S Seafood Shanty is a little take out and drive-through fish eatery in Fort Walton Beach. Offering the most moderate and freshest nearby fish. You can eat on their encased deck or take it to-go. All their fish is new and privately purchased. The fish comes straight of the pontoons in Destin. Normal request time is between 4-6 minutes. So if your in a rush, don’t stress. They’ll have you on your way in minutes. STEWBY’S likewise offers a drive-through window for your benefit. Drive-through and take some to go or make a trip and request from the stroll up window. STEWBY’S is continually giving the best quality fish at the best cost! For more data call 850-586-7001 or visit Stewby’s Seafood Restaurant.

$ Blue Collar Cafe

New heated products, yummy breakfast (their maple bacon improves life; trust em) and mouth-watering store sandwiches! Come attempt Marc’s renowned scratch-improved bagels– or even, get a B.O.B. (Breakfast on a Bagel). A choice of new gourmet espresso; beans simmered in-house! For more data call 850-586-7211 or visit them on Facebook.

$$ Rick’s Crab Trap

They offer crisp fish straight from the Gulf, and also different top picks, sent to us new. Include delectable hors d’oeuvres, new plates of mixed greens, awesome sandwiches and wraps, in addition to heaps of steamed, seared, and cooked dishes. They have something for each taste. Notwithstanding being a family eatery, and a full administration bar, they additionally LOVE sports. Consistently you will locate the amusement on one of their at least dozen TV’s From NFL, NCAA, MLB , NHL and NBA, to soccer from the world stage, they have the games you are searching for. For more data call 850-664-0110 or visit Rick’s Crab Trap.

$$ Old Bay Steamer

Old Bay Steamer is a free, privately possessed and worked fish eatery in Fort Walton Beach FL. They opened in 1995 on Okaloosa Island without a moment to spare for Hurricane Erin. Presently, Hurricane Opal conveyed a fantastic smack down. Despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and lamentable client checks, they didn’t die. Verbal exchange and neighborhood bolster, has been the establishment of their prosperity. The Place for Steamed Seafood in Ft Walton Beach FL : Maine Lobster Tails • King Crab • Snow Crab • Royal Red Shrimp • Clams • Mussels • Oysters. For more data call 850-664-2795 or visit Old Bay Steamer.


Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Fort Walton Beach Vacation Guide, Best shorelines of the Emerald Coast, Florida BeachesGulfarium Marine Adventure Park

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is committed to instructing, engaging, and rousing their visitors to regard and save untamed life by giving special and significant encounters to guests of any age to interface with marine life. For more data call 85

How To Take Care Of Your Patio Furnitures

Having pleasant, comfortable furniture is an unquestionable requirement on the off chance that you need your open air living background to fulfill. The privilege outside furniture could have you and your family investing energy outside all the time. Appreciating this experience additionally implies you need to take great consideration of the furnishings, so it keep going quite a while and stays agreeable.

You might need to keep your furnishings inside or utilize a spread to guarantee it endures. You don’t need to, be that as it may. The following are a few thoughts for different kinds of open air furniture.

Ensuring your wood furniture

Wood simply doesn’t hold up some time before it starts to look a little harsh which might be an inclination for a few. All things being equal, wood can weaken which is to a greater degree a reason you have to appropriately think about this kind of furniture.

Here is a possibility for keeping your wood furniture fit as a fiddle. When a year, wash the wood with a delicate blend of cleanser and water. Join one tablespoon of blanch, a gallon of water and five tablespoons of a nonirritating dishwashing fluid. At that point, delicately brush the surface with a delicate fiber brush. When you are done, wash great and give it some an opportunity to dry in the sun.

Particular kinds of wood require medicines with stain, paint or oil. It is dependably a smart thought to peruse the directions that accompany your furnishings to ensure you settle on the best decision when thinking about it. Since you would prefer not to thud down on your furnishings and end up colliding with the ground because of a free screw or so on, it is astute to check the equipment on your furnishings to ensure nothing should be fixed or supplanted.

Instructions to ensure metal furnishings

For a decent up-to-date contact, metal furniture will work in any outside setting. Metal is adaptable, enduring and requires almost no support. Cleaning metal furniture is basic and should be possible with a blend of cleanser and water. On the off chance that you have aluminum furniture, it likely has a covering that shields it from mischief. For this situation, you should simply gather up the imprints utilizing a non-bothering chemical. In the event that your furnishings is presented to salt water, a cleaning like clockwork is ideal.

Rust can without much of a stretch be expelled from metal utilizing fine coarseness sandpaper and catch up with a layer of rust proof metal paint.

Dealing with wicker

A few sorts of wicker are useful for secured porches or open air spaces. So as to have wicker furniture outside, you need what is classified “all-climate wicker.” To keep this adequate you have to clean it frequently paying little respect to what sort of wicker you have. You can do this utilizing a vacuum cleaner that has a brush or a sodden cloth. With all-climate wicker furniture all you need is a delicate cleanser blend and a water hose.

Plastic or Resin furniture

Individuals searching for an economical and simple to move answer for outside furniture regularly like tar. Clean your plastic furniture with water and delicate cleanser, at that point wash it off and let it dry. At the point when looked with awful, mold on your furnishings use ¾ glass fade and one tablespoon clothing cleanser in a gallon of water and rub on with a fabric. A similar arrangement can be utilized for work furniture.

Remember to consider your wellbeing when cleaning your furnishings also. Continuously wear elastic gloves!

The Beautiful Island Of Okaloosa


We as a whole realize that angling docks are useful for angling. They give structure around which fish can assemble, and permit fishermen access to further waters without a watercraft. I have found that they are likewise incredible spots to see nearby marine life, and the Okaloosa Island Pier is no special case.

I started to stroll along the dock in early in the day, the sun officially high and featuring the notable emerald shade of the Gulf waters. In the shallow surf I saw the long state of a needlefish, swimming straightforwardly underneath the surface. As the water profundity extended, the shading additionally developed to a lovely shade of cobalt blue. Trap angle whirled, making distinctive shapes as they educated around the pilings; now and again they would hit the light perfectly, blazing silver.

Proceeding down the dock, I started to pass fishermen. Local people and travelers alike angled over the side, giving live lure a role as well as counterfeit baits. Guardians instructed their children how to reel up, and I really wanted to grin at the screeches of pleasure at whatever point they pulled up a fish, anyway little.

In any case, nothing contrasted with the fervor all guests had when recognizing an ocean turtle. I had quite recently missed a loggerhead encouraging beside the pilings, however everybody on the dock was all the while humming about its appearance. Ocean turtles are lovely, delicate animals, so I was not astonished at the eagerness such a locating left afterward. Similar children who were angling and investigating the wharf ceaselessly shouted, “I saw an ocean turtle. An ocean turtle!”

The finish of the wharf demonstrated an incredible place to watch feathered creatures and see bigger fish. The framework of a remora was clear underneath the surface, and different species hovered in the more shadowy profundities. Terns and gulls sustained from the surface, while vast pelicans then again took off overhead or refreshed, drifting along the waves. Dolphins are extremely normal toward the finish of the dock also, pulled in to the fish of the fishermen and additionally those normally happening close to the wharf. (Keep in mind, don’t sustain them!)

In spite of the fact that the wharf is just a little more than 1/5 of a mile, I walked forward and backward for over 60 minutes, taking in all the action and absorbing sightings of marine life. For just $2, I intend to walk the wharf as frequently as would be prudent, notwithstanding attempting my hand at angling!

Thanks so much to the best of all towing companies in Nashville for sponsoring my blog!

Best Fort Walton Beach Florida’s Attraction

From galleries to shopping, there is continually something to do in and around Fort Walton Beach!

Legacy Park and Cultural Center

The City of Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park and Cultural Center incorporates the Indian Temple Mound Museum, Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum, Garnier Post Office Museum, Fort Walton Temple Mound, and the Civil War Exhibit building.

Together these four exhibition halls and National Historic Landmark shape a social focus which shows the historical backdrop of the Fort Walton Beach zone from ancient occasions, somewhere in the range of 12,000 years prior, the Civil War as it identifies with the area, the principal school in 1912, and through the end of the mail station in the 1950’s.

Emerald Coast Science Center

Found only West of downtown Fort Walton Beach, the science focus offers various displays and hands-on shows including new Robotics shows, Hurricane Simulator, Natural Gas Exhibit (supported by Okaloosa Gas) live set of all animals show, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! For more data about the Emerald Coast Science Center, visit their site.

Aviation based armed forces Armament Museum

With an accumulation of more than 15,000 relics from the beginning of avionics fighting deadly implement amid World War I through the present cutting edge bombs and planes, the combat hardware exhibition hall is an unquestionable requirement find in the Fort Walton Beach territory. For more data about the exhibition hall, visit the Air Force Armament Museum.

Emerald Coast Dirt and Vert

The main finish outrageous games office along the drift in Northwest Florida, Emerald Coast Dirt and Vert incorporates a 9,000 square foot skatepark/road course, a BMX Racing track, and Burly BMX/Freestyle Dirt Jumps across the board put! To discover more, visit Emerald Coast Dirt and Vert.

Uptown Shopping District

With more than 60 national and neighborhood retail locations and eateries, you are certain to discover what you are searching for in the Uptown Shopping District. What’s more, the region has a few noteworthy occasions during the time pulling in a huge number of individuals.

Downtown Arts and Entertainment District

The downtown territory is home to an assortment of novel shops and eateries, Heritage Park and Cultural Center, Emerald Coast Science Center, and considerably more! Inside the downtown region, the antique locale contains various collectible and collectables shops. To perceive what’s occurring downtown this month, visit Downtown FWB.

Ridiculous Golf

Including two 18 opening little greens, individuals of the sum total of what ages have a ton of fun at Goofy Golf in Fort Walton Beach for more than 50 years! For more data, visit Goofy Golf.

Things To Do In Fort Walton While Raining

Rain, rain … don’t leave? While you may have gone to the shoreline for a brilliant and gleaming get-away, we have insider data on the most proficient method to have some good times when the mists come in.

“Kid, that is a test in bright Florida!” says FWB occupant Felicia McQuaid, proprietor of the Healing Clinic Downtown. “Stormy days are an awesome chance to interface with yourself and unwind.” (We wager that is the reason she proposed No. 3.)

So exchange your shoreline umbrella for the hand-held assortment, at that point get out and make the best of a soaked circumstance.

1. PLAY. When you can’t play in the sand, there are a lot of indoor open doors for gaming or fooling around. Get lunch, pet a gator and get your diversion on at Fat Daddy’s Arcade inside Fudpucker’s Okaloosa Island. Coming before long to Destin’s Bass Pro Shops is Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl – a feasting and knocking down some pins encounter that may very well be your ‘daylight on an overcast day.’

2. LEARN. The Emerald Coast Science Center on Brooks Street Downtown is a fun place to collaborate with your children and find out about everything from movement to power to the human stomach related framework. Or then again, travel back in time at Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park and Cultural Center – where you can investigate a remade twentieth century school building and view an Indian Mound going back to the year 900 A.D.

3. Loosen up. On the off chance that the climate is worrying you, attempt a yoga class at Dragonfly Yoga or treat yourself to some all encompassing consideration, for example, rub or reiki treatment at the Healing Clinic, both strategically placed right finished the Brooks Bridge in Downtown FWB.

4. SHOP. Renounce the enormous box keepsake shops for neighborhood season. Downtown FWB is home to abundant craftsman diamond setters, clothiers and classical sanctuaries. Destin Commons has all your most loved stores, from culinary to couture. Also, Silver Sands Premier Outlets includes your most loved planner brands at every day rebates of up to 65 percent.

5. EAT. At the point when the going gets wet, whet your hunger! There are such a significant number of luscious spots to eat along the Emerald Coast. Attempt Downtown feasting or, for a really uncommon treat, head down the roadway to investigate the nearby pizazz of Scenic 30-A.

6. Fight ZOMBIES! (We are shockingly genuine.) At the 7D Movie Ride at HarborWalk Village, you can look over intuitive 3D motion pictures that join moving seats and reproduction impacts to make a 7D experience of engaging robots, privateers or zombies with a computer game ‘firearm’. “It’s difficult to clarify,” says long lasting Destin occupant Nicole Remele, who deals with the workplace for the Southern Star Dolphin and Buccaneer Pirate Cruises. “You simply need to encounter it … it’s an impact!” There is likewise a customary AMC Theater at Destin Commons, in the event that you simply need to kick back and appreciate the popcorn.

7. SET SAIL. Remele would be delinquent not to take note of that the Southern Star will journey in light rain. For those ready to overcome the components, the watercraft has a lot of cover, and also an atmosphere controlled lodge and drop-down walled in area on the upper deck.

8. GO WILD. The Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is open seven days seven days, no matter what. You can seek shelter as you investigate the Living Sea show, with floor-to-roof seeing windows into a 50,000-gallon aquarium. There are likewise creature experiences in abundance, with ocean lions and stingrays and turtles … goodness my!

9. BE PAMPERED. Because the sun won’t sparkle, doesn’t mean you can’t! Complete your nails, have your hair styled or plan an out and out makeover to wow your family or companions back home. May we recommend Brava Hair Studio and Day Spa in Downtown FWB or Fusion Spa Salon, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Sandestin.

10. Make. While you’re gaining experiences, consider influencing a gift to masterpiece. Raise your glass and your paintbrush at The Emerald Cork, or paint your own particular earthenware at Fired Up.

Indeed, even the grayest day can be lovely. At the point when all else flops, simply take in the view. Discover comfort in the mists from the overhang or poolside bar of your beachfront lodging.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Your Next Travel Destination



Experience the laid-back shoreline climate of the Emerald Coast in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Between terrain Fort Walton Beach and Okaloosa Island, the fun is constant, with the locale’s best feasting, shopping, and stimulation. Reveal exercises, attractions, and activities in Fort Walton Beach for your next outing with these 5 Fort Walton Beach Family Vacation Ideas.

Day at the Boardwalk

stronghold walton shoreline gulfarium

Gulfarium on Okaloosa Island, FL

nourishment, shopping, and excitement anticipate at the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk. This principle fascination offers a portion of the best Okaloosa Island family exercises including swimming, feasting, dousing up beams, and investigating the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park. Access to the Okaloosa Island Boardwalk is FREE and the Boardwalk offers FREE stopping and open shorelines with volleyball nets, park tables, and bathrooms. Remaining on Okaloosa Island? The Boardwalk is only a short stroll from most Island Hotels and Condos, and in closeness to a lot of different activities in Fort Walton Beach including clubs, music scenes, and eateries!

Angling at the Okaloosa Island Pier

Nothing imparts affectionate family recollections like multi day of angling! The Okaloosa Island wharf in Fort Walton Beach has all that you requirement for the ideal day of angling, including trap, hardware rentals, and transitory angling licenses. The wharf broadens 1/4 mile out into the Gulf, achieving the profound waters with the greatest fish! As a matter of fact, the Okaloosa Island Pier is well known for enormous fish, with King Mackerel, Tarpon, Cobia, and even Sailfish revealed over and over. The Pier nibble shop gives beverages and snacks, and a cooler is took into account individual utilize (sustenance, drinks, and conveying home the day’s catch!) Locals and vacationers alike consider angling at the wharf a standout amongst other activities in Fort Walton Beach, check beneath for Pier data:

Find significantly a greater amount of the best neighborhood angling spots online at the Best Places to Fish on Okaloosa Island.

Entertainment mecca

What’s a Fort Walton Beach family shoreline get-away without some additional energy? Look at one of the territory event congregations amid your excursion and discover exceptional and exciting rides and diversion. Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone in the core of Okaloosa Island offers Dino-themed exercises and attractions including zip line, bungee bouncing, and putt golf! Searching for something somewhat more wet? Head on finished to Destin for the locale’s greatest and BEST water stop, Big Kahuna’s! Families love the 40 unique youngsters play regions, and the more seasoned relatives will appreciate the super water slides, lethargic stream, and wave pool.

post walton shoreline carnival

Trek to the Destin Harbor

Discover world-class eateries, shops, recreations, and fun activities in the Destin Harbor! Pontoon trips, angling outings, and even privateer travels run every day in the spring and summer, giving all-ages amusement amid your excursion! Staggering perspectives and stopping both come free with this family get-away thought, with enough to do and see to fill numerous days. Turn upward more than 120 visits and exercises in Destin, Florida online at Destin, Florida activities!

Fortress Walton Beach Photo Shoot

fortress walton shoreline photography

Okaloosa Island Beach Photography

Catch your Fort Walton Beach family excursion with an expert shoreline photograph shoot. Browse the best picture takers in Northwest Florida, and have the shoot down on the shoreline, footpath, or at your townhouse or investment property. This Fort Walton Beach family excursion thought is extraordinary for youthful families hoping to catch their first visit to the Emerald Coast, family get-together outings, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Discover a picture taker that represents considerable authority in various kinds of photography including youngsters, couples, families, and uncommon occasions, and look over changed bundles with alternatives like longer shoot times, distinctive occasions of day (dawn or dusk), and extensive or little gathering sizes.




There’s almost certain that a stay in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, can be awesome for energizing the batteries. Be that as it may, while spending a couple of days unwinding in a shoreline seat with the world-renowned sugar-white sands between your toes is an awesome method to sit back, there are numerous other family-accommodating and couples’ exercises to be found here. The Fort Walton zone is brimming with culture, history, and family fun.

Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival

Sword-furnished privateers “duel” for the group at Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach.

Privateers “attack” Fort Walton Beach each year amid the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival.

On the off chance that your movements arrive you in Fort Walton toward the beginning of June, at that point you are in for a treat, on the grounds that the city puts on what is maybe the best privateer themed celebration in the nation. Assuming control over the conduits and banks of downtown FWB the primary entire end of the week in June every year, the Billy Bowlegs Festival has something for everybody. With bar creeps, live shows and excitement, shopping specials, marches, privateer celebration, and firecrackers, there’s certain to be something going on that every individual from the family will appreciate. Celebrations, for the most part, begin on Thursday and are spread out through the whole end of the week.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

A trio of inquisitive dolphins and a penguin eye each other at Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach.

An inquisitive penguin and trio of dolphins eye each other at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

Viewing beach front creatures from a far distance is cool, yet observing them very close and contacting them is stunningly better! Highlighting dolphin appears and additionally hands-on exercises, for example, sustaining penguins and swimming with stingrays, the Gulfarium is a genuine jewel. Part instructive and full-time fun, this stop even enables guests to fill in as “VIP coaches” and work nearby staff for experiences that could conceivably incorporate getting a wet kiss from a harbor seal.

Aviation-based armed forces Armament Museum

Military history buffs will feel as if they have struck it rich with this excursion through a world of fond memories. Situated close to the principal door of Eglin Air Force Base, the Air Force Armament Museum includes an amazing presentation of exactly 30 surveillance planes, contender planes, and aircraft outside the building. Inside, you can devour your tons of antiques from periods running from World War I to the present battle zones. An on-location warrior cockpit test system gives an intelligent ordeal. The combat hardware historical center is the main place in the nation committed to showing Air Force deadly implements openly. Make certain you likewise look at the speediest plane at any point fabricated — the SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane, in plain view at the exhibition hall — before you stream away.

Emerald Coast Science Center

Intended to make science a good time for kids, this wonderful joint on Southwest Memorial Parkway flaunts intuitive shows and exercises that enable children and relatives to do everything from flying models in a breeze passage to getting a very close take a gander at tarantulas and other frightening little creatures, or playing with power devices that influence your hair to stand straight up. The Emerald Coast Science Center resembles a field trip without the schools or long queues. Want the science, at that point remain for a cookout. The middle’s area adjacent to an area stop close Santa Rosa Sound will motivate the same amount of as the hands-on way to deal with science inside will start the creative energy.

Legacy Park and Cultural Center/Indian Temple Mound Museum

Putting the past gladly in plain view is the mission of this instructive focus, a sort of living time case where guests can see a history of this region dating from around 14,000 B.C. through the 1950s. The Indian Temple Mound Museum houses one of the biggest accumulations of Native American ancient rarities in the Southeastern United States (in excess of 1,000 bits of stone, earth, bone, pottery, and shell) and is on the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark. Recounting the narrative of the start of the advanced network of Fort Walton, the Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum and Garnier Post Office Museum hold a mixed show of photos, archives, and different things from mid-1900s Okaloosa County, when it was basically a rustic region.

Wild Willy’s Adventure Zone

At the point when the family is part finished having a shoreline day or having an entertainment mecca day, this stop can go about as the ideal trade-off. Situated on Okaloosa Island, specifically over the road from the Boardwalk and the world-popular sugar-white shorelines, Wild Willy’s offers a noteworthy exhibit of fun with a 16,000-square-foot arcade, two small-scale fairways, a rope course, a Laser Maze, and an Inflatable Zone. At the end of the day, it’s a children’s fantasy and guardians’ raft. In the wake of working up a craving, fill their paunches at the on-location pizza and yogurt shops. With its area adjoining a few Fort Walton Beach get-away rentals and resorts, Wild Willy’s is the ideal spot to appreciate unwinding on one side of the road and family experience on the other — while never getting in the auto!

Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier

Change your vantage point with the perspectives from this dock, which reaches out into the ravishing Gulf of Mexico for about a fourth of a mile. Regardless of whether you simply need to take in the stunning perspectives of the shimmering Emerald Coast waters very close, or on the off chance that you are truly tingling to attempt your hand at getting your own supper, this dock will work well for you. Expanding in excess of 1,200 feet from shore to the octagon toward the end, the dock offers angling that is frequently similarly as awesome as a sanctioned sculling trip costing you many dollars or more. From the dock, fishers can hope to get tarpon, fish, pompano, lord mackerel, cobia, and a few different animal categories. Try not to stress, there are shops where you can purchase goad and lease angling supplies handle, so simply bring your feeling of experience and be prepared to make some fish stories.

Bay waves lap the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier in Fort Walton Beach

Photograph kindness of the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk Okaloosa Island

So you’ve spent a whole day of unwinding on the shoreline, and come evening you are prepared to top off on succulent fish straight from the Gulf! The Boardwalk at Okaloosa Island offers you and your visitor a few alternatives for Fort Walton Beach eateries! With The Crab Trap Seafood and Oyster Bar, Floyd’s Shrimp House, AJ’s Beach Club and Burger Bar, Lobster Tail, Pino Gelato, and Rockin Tacos, there is something to oblige any and each hankering. So while days may be awesome for sunbathing, evenings on Okaloosa Island will make them appreciate extraordinary feasting in the twilight.

For a nightlife elective that isn’t on the island, go into town and look at The Block, which is a club that highlights three distinct encounters all under one rooftop. This club includes a bluegrass music live with a mechanical bull, a games/karaoke saloon, and a “phone square” room highlighting a DJ and high-vitality music.

Spend a Day Out on the Water

Lease a barge pontoon and locate that ideal spot to grapple and appreciate multi-day from the shorelines. These vessels are furnished with incredible sound frameworks, so you can put on your most loved tunes and take a dip or sleep. Angling sanctions are ideal for the bold fishermen who are tingling to experiment with what is thought to be a portion of the best game angling on the planet. These remote ocean trips won’t just yield breathtaking perspectives, yet will likewise net triggerfish, grouper, cobia, Spanish mackerel, ruler mackerel, yellowfin fish, red snapper, amberjack, sailfish, marlin, wahoo, bluefish, and tarpon (contingent upon the season). Additionally, you’ll have the assistance and direction of an accomplished commander, so those fish won’t stand a possibility against you and your team.

Three sandcastle towers by beachsandsculptures.comCreate Spectacular Sandcastles and Collect Seashells

The unblemished shorelines are what draw in most to book an excursion to Fort Walton. So normally there will be a desire to fabricate the most expand sandcastle ever observed. It’s simply human instinct. In the event that you truly need to convey on this guarantee, there is a one of a kind business that can enable you to take your sand figures to the following level and maybe even into Facebook or YouTube sensation status. Shoreline Sandsculptures offers a few bundles, including a two-hour session of expert sand-chiseling tips and procedures that will have the whole family cooperating to make a magnum opus. All devices and gear are given, so you require just to bring your creative energy and prepare for some family fun in the sun. Not searching for genius exercises? This zone is ready with crisp new seashells each time the tide comes in and out, so why not have an opposition to see who in the family can gather the most bright and one of a kind shells, sand dollars, and different fortunes? Spare the best ones and take them back to your Fort Walton Beach apartment suite and make clear specialties like seashell accessories, wreaths, picture edges, and more with them. Hello, it doesn’t cost a thing, and it gets you out getting a charge out of the sun, ocean, and tropical breezes.

Movies in the Park


If you have kids and are anywhere near Fort Walton Beach, this is a great, FREE family activity for the summer. The Summer Movies series began in June and will go through August 5 with features like Moana, Beauty & The Beast, and Finding Dory. The movies are shown every other Saturday night and everyone is invited to come experience the old feel of a drive-in movie experience right at Uptown Station’s Central Park free of charge. Movies begin at 7:30 or after dark, whichever happens first. Those attending are encouraged to bring blankets and/or lawn chairs for seating and, though optional, snacks are always fun! With so many dining options in the area, this could be a great, family-friendly dinner-and-a-movie night. For more information, visit @UptownStation on Facebook.

The following movies will be shown for the remainder of the series:

July 15 – Finding Dory
July 29 – Sing
August 5 – Monster Trucks



Fort Walton Beach Tree Service


We had the privilege of sitting down with Erica Manthey & Ryan Manthey of Fort Walton Beach Tree Service in Fort Walton Beach, a Boutique Wedding & Family Portrait Photography Studio. They are such a great couple with a passion for capturing and creating physical reminders of families’ special days. Check out our interview with them:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you began in the photography business.

Erica: We have been married for 15 years. Ryan has lived here since he was 14, and I’ve lived here since I was 10. I was a military brat. We met in our early 20s here and have been in Destin ever since. Ryan’s from a small farming community in South Dakota. My family is from Pennsylvania. We have been here a long time and just love the area. When we got married Ryan was actually full time in a construction business with his dad and brother. In 2005, when we had our first daughter, Ryan enjoyed taking pictures with our point-and-shoot camera of her. That same year, for our anniversary, I bought him a digital SLR camera from Best Buy and he just took to it. He threw away the manual and just ran with it. He took pictures of our daughter, our family, and friends and posted them online; on Myspace at that time. After that we had friends and friends of friends asking us to take pictures for them. It started as a hobby where he would shoot pictures in the evenings, editing all night, while he was still working construction during the day. Within 2 years the Lord provided a path where we could go into it full time. We started the photography company in 2007 and went full time with it in 2009. During this time we also had 3 kids in 3 years.

Ryan: I never thought of myself as a photographer growing up. I never had a really huge interest in it honestly, at all until I started taking pictures of our daughter. I enjoyed it, and that opened up to taking pictures of our family, family friends, and I started to enjoy the process. I came to a point where I had to choose.

Erica: Something that was really cool about our community was that, when the Internet was just getting big, Ryan started googling local photographers and emailed a whole bunch of them; just offering to carry their bags. He had a few, one in Pensacola and one friend of ours, who were generous enough to say, “Hey, come on a wedding with me. Carry my bags and I’ll teach you everything I know.” He had a great start with photographers who were generous enough to help him out. He began Ryan Manthey Photography in 2007 and it was portraits only.  After spending time assisting the wedding photographers and realizing he wanted to do weddings as well, we started Pure 7 Studios in 2008 that was weddings only. Then we merged the two.

What photo sessions do you enjoy the most?

Ryan: I enjoy families and weddings. I like the interaction of families and trying to capture that. Every family is different and every child is different. I don’t approach every session the same. We try to get to know the families before the session to see how the kids interact and get a better idea of who they are. There is beauty in the chaos. From past experience, most parents come wanting one thing but when the kids are allowed to be themselves, the pictures turn out a lot better than what the parents even wanted them to be. Moving past telling the kids to sit and be still, we’ve evolved our studio into letting the kids be themselves. There is beauty in just that. Especially with the younger ones, the running and playing are usually the best photos. We’ve found this with a lot of trial and error in shooting and seeing what is fulfilling for me as a photographer. When the kids are running and playing, it brings a real smile instead of a “1, 2, 3, cheese!” It’s more rewarding for me and in turn it’s more rewarding for the parents to see the children for who they really are.

What is your most memorable shoot?

Ryan: We do work with an organization called Waves of Grace out of Nashville. They send families on an all-expenses paid vacation to our area whose daughters, or sons, or mothers, or fathers have cancer.  Sometimes this is their last family trip. Sometimes it’s a celebration of recovery. Those are the most rewarding sessions because they really understand how precious family and life is. I really enjoy those shoots.

Erica: What Waves of Grace does is they send the family on the vacation and they have partners like us and other companies that will offer them different things such as parasailing rides, condos, etc. for free. Ryan gives them full priority of his books and they are his most special sessions. Waves of Grace is always open to anyone who wants to partner with them. They are so great. They try to help as many families as they can.

What is one thing you would like to tell people looking for a photographer?

Ryan: Make sure you talk to the photographer on the phone instead of just emailing, especially for weddings. I’m with the bride most of the day, so it’s good to know the photographer as a person. Besides looking at entire galleries of their work and liking the quality of their work, just get to know the photographer as a person. If you end up finding the photographer’s personality isn’t a fit with yours, it will affect the whole day. My approach is laid back and I just capture how the day unfolds.

Erica:  There are so many platforms to find photographers and there are so many talented photographers. When it boils down to finding one that has the personality that is ideal for you, keep in mind some are talkative, assertive, and give a lot of direction and some brides definitely want and need that. Some are going to be more low-key, photo-journalistic, behind the scenes, fly on the wall, and give minimal direction. My advice to a bride would be to know herself and ask, “What do I need?” Will the bride need direction? Does she usually feel awkward in photos? Does she need a photographer who is strong in posing and giving direction? Or does she just want to go about the day and know that the photographer is there capturing everything, but not really asserting much direction? Knowing the answers to these will help you ask the right questions. When she sees the photographer’s work and knows she likes their style, the next step would be a phone interview to ask how they achieve their photos which will give her an idea of what would be happening in regards to photography on her day. Beyond liking their style, she needs to like the method they used to achieve those photos. Some photographers prefer to pose the couple and use different lighting techniques, and some are more simplistic, taking shots as they go. Really find a photographer with a method you will enjoy. The next thing would be looking for client reviews and requesting to look through a full gallery of their photos. This way she will know that they will give the best from start to finish.

What do you want everyone to know about Pure 7 Studios?

Erica: We specialize in boutique family portraits and weddings. When we say boutique or heirloom we mean that, in addition to just taking pictures, we specialize in physical family heirlooms as a result of the portrait session and wedding. After the session our clients come in and we help create wall pieces whether that’s portraits, canvases, or even albums that are going to be enjoyed now, but also passed down to their grandchildren and great grandchildren. We are realizing in this digital age that a lot of history is being lost. We are striving for the next generation coming up in the next 100 years to have physical representations of their family members. That is really important to us. What sets us apart is that so many photographers just shoot pictures and provide only digital images. Those are great if that is what you really want, but we are realizing that after 5 or 10 years they are losing those images, the disc is getting scratched or lost, and the photographer doesn’t keep them forever. There are some historians that are worried about the way we (as a society) are storing photos and digital media. Our clientele doesn’t just want photos for Facebook or Instagram, they’re people who notice that we are putting art in their homes. We offer a very white glove service, so if a local client comes in and purchases a wall gallery, we will also have it professionally installed in their home. It’s a very start to finish process.

SJP Network Solutions


We sat down with Joe Weaver at Wave Cutter Charters. They are located at 14 Shell Avenue SE in Fort Walton Beach. You can check out their website at and follow them on Facebook @sjpnetwork. Here’s our interview with them:

Tell us a about yourself andWave Cutter Charters.

Brittany: Spencer is the owner. He is from Austin Texas and moved here in 2011. He has been working in this industry since he was in high school or maybe even earlier. I also moved here from Austin. We’ve been friends for a while and I’ve known him since he moved here when the business was smaller. It’s growing bigger and bigger every day. I’ve always been interested in computers, but never believed I would branch out into this career path. When I was younger I would take computers apart, but I didn’t think about it much. I love seeing the progression in where we are headed and it gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

What services doesWave Cutter Charters Offer and where?

Brittany: We manage IT services such as monitoring computers, hosted emails, back-up and disaster recovery. Most of what we do now is business-to-business. We normally work with smaller, local businesses monitoring their audio equipment, wireless access points, Wi-Fi, and video surveillance. We aim to be the one-stop business for everything IT and technology for your business. In the past we did residential work, but right now we are focusing on local businesses. The other side of the business is called Blu Broadband and we are also offering fiber to several businesses on 98 and other parts of town. We are currently able to service anyone in 32548 zip code, but depending on where, we are able to offer some services outside of that area.

How did you get into the industry?  What do you want people to know about it?

Spencer: I worked for several companies back in Texas doing the same thing and, honestly, it’s just groomed into me. The big benefit of using a company like ours is we eliminate the need for five different companies and wrap it all into one. In the past, a restaurant would have a phone company, internet company, Point of Sale Company, possibly a digital sign company, and a tv company. We come in and we are the liaison for everything. We have companies add us as an authorized user on their accounts and that way we can take care of them anytime they have a problem. We are the total package, fixing everything related to your technology. We know the best things that work for our clients with our knowledge in testing everything possible in the field. Using SJP Solutions is important because with all the threats out there, you can be hit at any moment with rising IT expenses. We make budgeting easy because we have a set price you pay us monthly. If incidences come up there might be a bit more of a cost, but we are reasonable. We monitor your network at all times and have things in place to fix a problem normally before you even know they have them. Something as simple as a company’s internet going down, we can see the issues and fix it. We are able to make this possible with shared resources. And the great part about that is that the more clients we have, the more our prices can go down for each client.

Brittany: We give high quality service. If someone has a problem they can count on us. They will talk directly to us to receive the help they need. We are monitoring their systems at all times and can help them with almost anything day or night.